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Her Yön Sanat / 15 Ocak – 15 Nisan 2016

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Mixer ve ArtBox sanatsal yönlendirmesi ile tasarlanan Kanyon’da Her Yön Sanat’ta, 15 Ocak-15 Nisan 2016 tarihleri arasında üç ay boyunca dijital ve kinetik sanat eserlerine yer verilecek.  Urban Organics serisinden MURMUR ve BIRR a rastlayabilirsiniz.
Kanyon’da Her Yön Sanat’ın seçkisinde yer alan sanatçılar:
Ozan Türkkan, Candaş Şişman, Epitome, Jesse Gagliardi, Joe Hamilton, Julie Nymann ve Sinem Serap Duran.

IntoMotion // Reflections of Space

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IntoMotion // Reflections of Space  is a workshop that aims to explore relations between space and its parameters to create a 1:1 scale pavilion which is in constant feedback and interaction with its surrounding environment.  The overall design will be developed in scope of effective/selected parameters and their projections in a spatial sense. The concepts of adaptability and responsiveness will be discussed with various scenarios and the participants will be introduced with different techniques of kinetic systems and sensors. In addition to interactive systems,  digital form finding experiments will be made in order to achieve a self standing system that will allow the set of actions that are mounted.
The first three days / Tutorial sessions ,  will be spent exploring the tools such as Grasshopper and Arduino as well as working on selected techniques of creating kinetic systems. In Grasshopper sessions participants will be introduced to Kangaroo, a physics engine plugin for Rhino to explore form finding strategies. Later on with Arduino sessions, basic coding and tools (sensors, motors etc.) will be explored for two days. On the third day participants will be divided into groups to develop their own concept of  interactive modules in relation to form finding experiments for the end pavilion. The groups will explore kinetic  systems and will investigate interaction potentials and passive systems that can be installed.  A final design will be manufactured in 1:1 scale with digital fabrication tools and assembled during the workshop week.
The workshop will also include lectures on the subject by international professionals, to be announced later.
// Software & skills:
Basic modeling skill in Rhino, no  Grasshopper and Arduino knowledge are required. Participants should bring their own laptop with pre-installed software (software download links will be given after subscription).
// Tutors: 
Cemal Koray Bingöl , Gamze Gündüz, Deniz Tümerdem, Metin Şahin
// Venue:
The workshop will be held at:
Istanbul Bilgi University / Santral Campus / Faculty of Architecture
// Dates:
31.08.2015 – 09.09.2015
300 Euros – 200 Euros for early bird applications untill 20.08.2015 with limited seats.
// Application:
To register please e-mail: epitomeconet@gmail.com



Made By Makers @StudioX

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The first maker faire in Turkey called ‘Mini Maker Faire’ welcomes you inside with 9 installations. Epitome participated with Murmur + Purr . The exhibition of “Made by Makers” is preliminary to Turkish Makers who get together with the Mini Maker Faire for the first time. This exhibition is just the beginning of the long-road which will breathe new life into the maker spirit of Turkey.