The constructed assemblies in the exhibition PostProductions are experiments on temporal and spatial behaviours through material systems, digital networks with sensors, growing medium and mechanic actuators. Industrialized materials are interpretted with elementary construction techniques (Araña), archaic material systems modeled with cutting edge design tools geared with interactive electronics that drive crude actuators and communicate back with the digital model. (Roar) Growth mechanisms as simple as algea extracted and applied to cohabit the urban context and have mutual or back to back cycles such as oxygen or energy production or even as simple as generating shade. (Algrid) The 3D printed infographics of change in the climatic data extracted from single specific location prove the potential in responsive design for smart adaptation. (A day in life) The local investigations at the Istanbul sessions focus on adaptation as a response to the global agenda “productive city” and investigate on the existing nature of the urban habitat, the everyday materiality and the opportunities of the infrastucture. (MutuaSupra, Act-In) *PostProductions is brought together by the network of local contributors at the SayaSaya Istanbul Sessions, IAAC Global Summer School.

IAAC Global Summer School programme seeks to investigate common agendas in global locales. This years agenda is Productive City The production of energy, alimentation, and objects are key elements which establish the basic necessities to create self-sufficient habitats. The world’s population now largely resides in urban environments disconnected from where energy, alimentation, and objects are typically produced. The 2013 Edition of the IAAC GSS wants to address this disconnect and objects are typically produced. The 2013 Edition of the IAAC GSS wants to address this disconnect and investigate which opportunities exist in urban environments for the production of these key elements. Directed by Nilüfer Kozikoglu Istanbul sessions is hosted by Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture., thanks to Pelin Dursun. Event sponsor RhinoTurkiye, material and logistics by Tuspa, data collaboration with AmberPlatform, organized by SayaSaya.